If you read DevZone, then you'll notice that Cal's looking for some PHP Abstract advertising.

I'm always up for free books, so there's my link Cal! (Though I doubt that technorati picks up my little blog!)

More seriously, PHPAbstract is worth listening to. Unusually for a podcast, each episode is short (around 10 mins) so that I actually get to listen to a whole episode without being distracted. They have episodes by many (lots?) well known PHP luminaries about a variety of PHP related topics. I've listened to every one (except #16) and PHPAbstract is one of only 4 podcasts I actually subscribe to in iTunes. (Where's the iTunes button on the PHPAbstract page then Cal?)

Advert over – back to writing about the Zend Framework!

(This post probably has more links than any other on this site!)

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