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Life outside of PHP

I thought that I’d answer Davey’s question: what do you do to get away from PHP?. I also enjoy seeing the non-PHP side of people on Twitter, though I’m tending to use Twitter as a micro-blogging tool more at the moment.

I enjoy spending my “non-PHP” time with my family. We are members of the National Trust as it gives us cheap access to land where the boys can run around freely. We also go camping for our holidays, though like to do it in a little bit of comfort.

I also enjoy photography, though still have a long way to go to being more than “proficient” at it. Looking through my Flickr stream, and it is also obvious that I like old trains – mainly as a photographic subject. There’s something about the pent up power in the old steam trains, that just isn’t there in the modern people transporters we have nowadays. I’ll photograph anything really as I haven’t really discovered what I’m good at!

Another thing I’m doing is writing a book, of course! I love reading fiction – anything really, from Bernard Cornwall to Peter Hamilton via Terry Pratchett. I also read “technical” books to keep my brain sharp and to keep on learning.

So what about you? Answers on a postcard and make sure you let Davey know too!

One thought on “Life outside of PHP

  1. Well, this is my life outside of PHP:

    – Most of the time I've worked as a HP software consultant, that have given me the chance to play with many OSs and DBs.
    – I love to spend time with my girlfriend.
    – I'm also very active at church (I'm Christian).
    – Love also photography (you can check out for more info =P).
    – I read a lot.
    – I play a little bit piano and percussion.

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