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Dependency injection in Slim framework 2

Slim framework comes with a Dependency Injection container called Set. The basics The DIC is accessed via the container property of $app. To set, you use the set() method: $app->container->set('foobar', function() { return new Foo\Bar(); } ); If you need a given resource to be shared, then use the singleton method: $app->container->singleton('foobar', function() { return new Foo\Bar(); } ); And then to retrieve from the container, there are multiple ways to do it: $fooBar =… continue reading.

PHP Advent 2009: On deployment

This year I was asked to write an article for PHP Advent 2009 an it's now been published! Automate your Deployment is a look at how to automate the process of deploying your application to the web server. At my company we started automating our deployment systems just over a year and the number of issues we have around deployment of new code to a website has dropped considerably and is no longer a stressful… continue reading.