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Zend Framework in Action forum and errata

Although I’m not posting here much at the moment, I am answering questions about my Zend Framework book in Manning’s Author Online forums. There’s a fairly active discussion going on as readers find areas that they are struggling with and I do my best to contribute to most of the threads when I can.

Also, if you missed it, I have a post containing the errata that we have found. If something doesn’t make sense, check there first!

4 thoughts on “Zend Framework in Action forum and errata

  1. Hi Rob,

    First – thanks for the MySQL uninstall instructions, they were extremely useful after an upgrade from OS X 10.4 to 10.5

    And second, thanks for the ZF in Action book. I've built 3 sites with a much earlier version of ZF, and very much based on old sample code. Your book really lays out a far better, "best practice" approach and is proving invaluable, especially as I have a client keen to use ZF in the pipeline.

    It's nice to see sample code use pounds rather than dollars too, for a change! ;)

  2. Hi Rob,

    Last week your book came in (here in the Netherlands) and it will help me a lot. I am in search now for a solution where to store the form specific javascript. I am building a single-page-full-ajax app and the amount of forms is growing. The forms are called in by a xhrGet. Each form need some javascript to get the submit replaced by a javascript call. Where can i find stuf about this?

  3. Hi Rob,

    Chapter 10

    Sform=new SupportForm('/support/create/') has 2 issues
    1) no action createAction in SupportController and
    2) '/support/create' is not rendered into the page's HTML becaue creating the elements in init() occurs before
    $this->_actionUrl = $actionUrl; in the __construct and adding
    $this->init(); afterwards is inappropriate as this code is run in the __construct. This code appears to be flawed. Please advise.

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