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Since the New Year, I’ve been very busy and have had little time for coding. One reason is that I decided to take a photo every single day of this year. It’s proving fascinating, but is taking up more time per evening than I realised. Of course, as I get into the swing of things, the time taken choosing which image(s) to post and then processing them will go down :) If you are interested, I’m posting the pictures to my Flickr account.

At work, I’m transmogrifying into a full-on Project Manager and only bug fixing code here and there. We have a good PHP developer at work and I’m gradually getting comfortable with him doing the design of stuff that would have been my domain six months ago. Letting go is hard.

I should probably talk about what my experiences as a Project Manager in a small non-enterprise web shop. Maybe I’ll turn it into a talk for the Dutch PHP Conference who have recently opened their Call for Papers. Of course, from Cal’s blog article about it, I should also come up with an advanced PHP topic. That may not be too hard as I have an idea for a personal project that may have something interesting to discuss inside it.

Here’s today’s photo, which proves that I have a long way to go before I can call myself a still-life photographer.


I quite like it though!

7 thoughts on “Catching-up

  1. If you want even more pressure, you could try and take at least some of your pictures at 10:15 and contribute to – I haven't submitted anything, but I love looking at it.

    There's also a "Same Sky, Different Places" group on Flickr that I did add a couple of pics to. Most of them are from the group creator, who is just about to end a year of taking sky-pictures every single day – less effort required to choose a subject!

  2. Ackers,

    I have G to thank for the nice velvet background :)


    I suspect that every picture I took at 10:15 would be of my computer! Everyone else clearly has a less boring life, or more imagination than me!

    I could probably do "Same Sky, Different Places" though as I like looking at clouds.


  3. Nice composition, worthy of stock art status!… I take it, you're trying to make a point with this photo, then… what with all the 2ps ;-)

    One thing I noticed, it's immaculately clean!

    Just out of curiosity, how did you get the background so completely and utterly black, without any reflections, textures or the ubiquitous "curly hair" or specks of dandruff that I find littering most photos not taken in a studio?

    Was it with superbly adjusted exposure or post processing?

  4. Hi Nanchatte,

    Nope, it's just that we have a jar of copper coins and don't have a jar of pound coins :)

    The background cloth is velvet which doesn't reflect which makes life easier. I also fired the flash upwards so that the light was even as a bounced off the ceiling.

    Once I'd taken the shot, I took it into CaptureNX2 and moved the black point of the curves tool to the right to ensure that it was all a single tone. The cloth is also fairly clean, so I just had to clone out a two small of bits of fluff on the right.



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