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2011 in pictures

As I have done in 2008, 2009 and last year, I thought I'd continue my tradition of recapping my year with some photos. January PHPBNL 2011 happened in January. Also, my Mac OS X application, Daily Jotter was released onto the Mac App Store. February The first PHPucEU happened in Manchester which was great fun and, of course, the PHPUK conference in London. The biggest news for us though, was that we moved house in… continue reading.

Zend Framework 2 Beta 2 released

Zend Framework 2, Beta 2 has been released! The key new features are: Refactored Mail component Refactored Cache component MVC updates Check out Matthew's blog post for the full details. I've also updated my tutorial. This is a good time to get involved, try it out and let us know what you like/dislike.

Updated tutorial for Zend Framework 2 beta 1

With the announcement of Zend Framework beta 1, I have updated my venerable tutorial to work with it! Getting started with Zend Framework 2 (beta1), creates the same application as my ZF1 tutorial, so it should be very familiar, but this time, it's in the context of Zend Framework 2. As usual, it's a PDF too. Please download it, try it out and let me know if you find any typos!

Bring a laptop to my ZF2 tutorial at PHPNW11

If you are attending my ZF2 tutorial at the PHPNW11 conference on Friday, I thought I'd remind you that you may find it useful to bring a laptop. Ideally, your laptop should be set up with PHP 5.3 and MySQL and a working copy of my ZF1 tutorial. It would be a good idea to have a vhost set up on http://zf2tutorial.localhost or similar. Ability to create additional vhosts may come in handy. The PHP… continue reading.

Day Camp 4 Developers #3: Project Management

I'm delighted to be able to announce that I'm speaking at the next Day Camp 4 Developers on 1st October. Day Camp 4 Developers is a one-day online conference run by our friend Cal Evans and is now onto its 3rd outing. An online conference is one that you attend in your own home (or office!) which keeps the costs down considerably, so you have no excuse not to buy a ticket: just $40! Day… continue reading.

Setting up PHP & MySQL on OS X 10.7 Lion

With OS X 10.7, Apple continues to ship PHP 5.3 with PEAR, GD and PDO_MYSQL out of the box. This is how to set it up from a clean install of 10.7. /usr/local Ensure that the following directories exist:

MySQL Download the 64bit DMG version of MySQL 5.1.x (or 5.5.x) for OS X 10.6 from and install the pkg, the startup item and the pref pane. Add /usr/local/mysql/bin to the path: vim ~/.bash_profile… continue reading.

Zend_Config_Ini and a string

One thing that is different between Zend_Config_Xml and Zend_Config_Ini is that with Zend_Config_Xml you can pass in an XML string as the first parameter of the constructor and it will work. This doesn't work with Zend_Config_Ini as we use parse_ini_file() under the hood. With PHP 5.3 however there is is a new function called parse_ini_string() which will allow us to load arbitrary ini string into Zend_Config objects. This can't go into Zend Framework 1 though… continue reading.

tek11 photos

Following on from the previous post, these are some of my favourites from php|tek 11. On the day before tek started, playing mini-golf with Helgi, Ian,Kathy, Rafael & Lorna was fun It wouldn't be a trip to Chicago without pizza! I loved Liz's hat Lig had a two-hands-one-mouth problem… The social events at tek are great. You can usually find Liz enjoying the party! It was always fun to see groups showing off some cool… continue reading.

DPC 11 photos

A few weeks ago, I managed to visit two conferences back to back: DPC and php|tek. I managed to take some photos and these are some of my favourites from DPC. I finally managed to snag a good picture of Juozas! Harrie was an excellent DPC host. Aral gave an excellent keynote and was around for the conference. He had us in stitches when trying to tweet from an Android phone! On the hallway track,… continue reading.

ZF2 Training at PHPNW 2011!

The fabulous PHPNW conference is back again this year on October 8th and 9th and tickets are now for sale for a mere £72. Buy now! as you only have a few days left at that price. There's no need to wait for the schedule as we know from the past 3 years, that it's going to be a great selection of relevant topics. More importantly, this year there's a tutorial day on Friday 7th… continue reading.